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Committed to Quality, Integrity and Service

Kouroushi Bros is a well-established construction and property developing group of companies based in Cyprus. Founded in 1989 by two brothers, Kypros and Chrysostomos Kouroushi, the Group has been a consistent and reputable player in the island's rapidly growing construction and property development industry.

Based in the district of Paphos, the Group began its activities in the western district of the island but gradually expanded beyond its original location. Today the Groups portfolio of wide-ranging housing solutions extends across the island from Paphos to Nicosia and beyond, to include a number of major projects overseas.

Aiming for long-term success, Kouroushi Bros enjoys an ever-growing clientele of satisfied Cypriots as well as overseas home-owners of various nationalities who appreciate the Groups' core values: quality housing solutions, integrity, and personal service.

Kouroushi Bros is a fully-fledged organization that operates from custom-built, modern premises in the center of Paphos, which serve as the business headquarters and accommodate all the company’s various departments.


The Group’s corporate structure includes the following departments:


  • Management

  • Administration Department

  • Architectural Department

  • Civil Engineering Department

  • Technical Department

  • Sales and Marketing Department

  • IT Department

  • Accounting Department

  • Customer Care Department

  • Purchasing Department


In all, the Group employs over 300 people working at Kouroushi Bros Headquarters, construction sites and the other subsidiary companies.


Corporate services, from Sales and Marketing to Finance and Accounting as well as the IT Department and the Architectural Team are directed by Kypros Kouroushis, while Chrysostomos Kouroushis is at the helm of the Technical and Civil Engineering Departments and all its sub-units involved in the proper execution of each project.

As a result, the organization has maintained the warmth and spirit of a family business, where every client is viewed as a valued partner. The Group’s operation focuses on two core areas within the property industry, Island wide: - Construction, as the foundation of Kouroushi Bros’ superior projects.


The company undertakes third party construction developments via favorable tenders. - Development of Freehold Properties, including apartments of all sizes, terraced maisonettes, and custom-built villas, to supply the ever growing local and international demand in Cyprus for permanent residence and holiday homes

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To offer prospective homeowners a choice of high quality, comfortable, and visually aesthetic housing solutions for permanent residence, regular holidays or investment.


To this end, Kouroushi Bros maintains a policy that aligns healthy corporate growth and a high standard of business ethics, with complete customer satisfaction and respect for the environment.


We aim to minimise impact on the environment as much as possible, designing our projects according to the natural landscape and character of the area.

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